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Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate

What Is Wealthy Affiliate And Will It Help You?

Can Wealthy Affiliate help you, in a word YES! Wealthy Affiliate is an extensive training and community-oriented platform that offers anyone, and I mean anyone the opportunity to learn and develop any home-based business through training that in all honesty is second to none, and has a community of 1,000’s who are there to help you with literally any questions you might have 24/7. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to get started for $O and they are in my opinion the most affordable place to go and learn how to do things “The Right Way”.

So How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business community that promotes success through knowledge and encourages it’s members to network with other like-minded individuals thus ensuring all who join Wealthy Affiliate will be successful with their home-based business.

In my opinion one of  the most amazing things Wealthy Affiliate has going for it that other similar products simply don’t is the fact that the owners, Kyle And Carson are heavily involved with the members every day of the week, and to me that level of passion and caring and working hard to ensure my success, and everyone else’s success is just something you won’t find anywhere else!

So what will Wealthy Affiliate be teaching you? It’s quite simple really, if you have a passion for something such as a hobby, and that hobby could be any one of hundreds and you are trying to figure out how you can turn that hobby into a profitable home-based business, then Wealthy Affiliate is the only place you need to go and learn how to do that “The Right Way”.

Don’t have a hobby or something you are really passionate about, no problem! The community at Wealthy Affiliate will help you find something that maybe you never thought of before and you will discover that you had hidden talents you didn’t even know existed, how cool is that?

This will all be explained through your Affiliate BootCamp Training.

So What Kind Of Tools And Training Will You Be Getting At Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate offers the most comprehensive, robust and current training and tools available anywhere and the best part is, you get to take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive….Free!image of wealthy affiliate bootcamp logo


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The training at Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely the best in the industry. Regardless of skill level, the training at Wealthy Affiliate will set you up for, and ensure your success with any niche or business you are thinking about starting or currently have on the go.

Here is a sample of some of the training you will receive:

  • Live Weekly Webinar Training
  • Over 1,000 Training Modules
  • Mission Courses
  • Comprehensive Training Videos And Tutorials
  • Clearly Defined, Topic Specific Classrooms
  • Informative Discussions



Along with the most complete training available, you will also have access to some of the best tools and training anywhere.



> Choose From Over 2,000 Website Templates

> Simple WordPress Website Builder

> Unlimited Keyword Search Tool

> Rapid Writer Tool

> More Than 30,000 Add-On Features

> Top Of The Line Unlimited Hosting For Premium Members

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you will need to create a successful online business with easy to use, easy to follow training and tools.

Here is a quick screenshot outlining what you will get:

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As a bonus, you can join right now and your first month will only cost you $19. So, as you can see joining Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely free and is perfect for anyone who is on a tight budget and just wasn’t sure how to get a home-based business up and running for little or even no money at all, and most importantly do it “The Right Way”.

Check Out This  Special Offer!

The first thing you need to do is join Wealthy Affiliate and set up your free starter account, once you have done that either Kyle or Carson will contact you and welcome you to the Wealthy Affiliate community. Then shortly after joining your bonus offer will be sent to you and if you choose to claim your bonus offer and upgrade to the premium membership you will have 7 days to do so, and here comes the best part…..you will be getting a 59% discount with this offer!

Last year alone the affiliate marketing industry generated over $3.4 billion in sales. Many of the industries top affiliates are members of the Wealthy Affiliate community, the Largest affiliate marketing community in the world boasting over 850,000 affiliates!

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Spending online continues to rise each year and affiliate marketers are only continuing to see explosive growth in their online businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros And Cons


  • Kyle and Carson: Both Kyle and Carson take an active role engaging with the members daily and weekly. They both spend time in the chat answering questions and concerns, and just being who they are, great guys!
  • Hosting: The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is among the best you will find anywhere. Hosting is very affordable and easy to implement.
  • Community: The community at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none, and is there to help anyone with any questions and offer advice to whoever might need it. When you have such a large community of like-minded people all working hard to achieve the same goals, being successful becomes that much easier. I turn to the community for advice often, and it has truly helped me move forward and understand what it takes to be a success online.
  • Live Video Classes: The live video tutorials alone are worth the cost of your membership. So much information is offered, and no attempt is ever made to sell you on anything else, just straight up honest, helpful and in my opinion powerful stuff!


  • Price: The monthly fee may be something that some people may not be in favor of, and I agree that the yearly membership is costly. Other similar programs are just as costly, in some cases more, but when you look at how much you are getting with Wealthy Affiliate and compare it to others, it’s easy to see why Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 choice for learning how to make money online.


It still amazes me that so much is being offered with Wealthy Affiliate for so little money that it should be next to impossible to say, “no I don’t need this”, but I know if you spend some time looking into how Wealthy Affiliate can help you whether you are on a fixed income, not earning enough to make ends meet, or just want to earn a little extra from the comfort of your own home, you owe it to yourself to have a serious look and find out how Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to get started “The Right Way”

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