The Super Sales Machine Scam Review – Profit Pulling Review Sites?

The Super Sales Machine

The Super Sales Machine

40 out of 100



    • Easy To Set Up
    • Some Training Available


    • Relies Only On ClickBank Products
    • Recommends The Use Of PLR Content
    • Upsells To Be Aware Of
    • Exaggerated Earnings Claims
    • Not Newbie Friendly


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    The Super Sales Machine Overview

    Price: $97

    Owner: Aaron Danker



    Mark here, just stopping by to say welcome to my review of  The Super Sales Machine and just wanted to let you know I’ve been involved with online marketing for over ten years now, and I have seen a lot of good, even great products offered over the years, but I have also experienced some real crap as well.

    I promise not to bore you with endless bonus after bonus offers or annoying upsells, ultimately it will be up to you to make an informed decision on whether or not the product is right for you.

    I make every attempt to research and provide a fair assessment of all products I review.

    What Is The Super Sales Machine?

    The Super Sales Machine is another make money online with affiliate marketing, 100% Done-For-You System developed by internet marketing entrepreneur Aaron Dankin. Almost immediately I had a serious problem with the legitimacy of this program. Right from the start, the sales video tries to convince you that the Super Sales Machine will do everything for you and you will profit from the ready-made affiliate marketing websites Immediately!

    So now all of a sudden you have an unfair advantage that makes you look like a pro overnight. Are you starting to see the obvious problem here like I am? I’ve said it before and I will say it again, any time a program or system promises to do everything for you and you will start to profit from it immediately is flat out lying to you.

    How Does The Super Sales Machine Work?

    According to Aaron, when you pay the $97 fee you will be provided with a highly profitable ClickBank product review site each month. Aaron claims that these review sites contain expertly written content, are optimized for specific keywords, and loaded with pre-written emails, and has been thoroughly market researched to ensure you make sales.

    Okay, now all you have to do is log in to the member’s area, download your site, edit, upload and promote to make your first sale. It couldn’t be easier right? Wrong, it’s never as easy as these kinds of programs want you to believe. One of the biggest problems here is that you are promoting Clickbank products, which in many instances is not such a bad thing as long as you know how to weed out the bad products from the good, and there are a lot of ClickBank products that are not worth promoting. I do promote some ClickBank products but it took me a long time to learn what to look for and to make sure I was promoting something that offered some kind of value.

    The other issue here is that you won’t be the only one promoting these products using the pre-made review sites and Google frowns upon and penalizes duplicate content which is what you and others will be trying to send traffic to.

    Another problem I see is that there seems to be no real mention of how you’re going to drive traffic to your pre-made review sites, and what about those pre-written emails, what are you supposed to do with them?

    What’s Inside?

    > 2 High-Quality ClickBank review sites each month that target the hottest buyer-hungry niches online.

    > 60 private label articles every month to use as marketing content to attract traffic back to your site. Problem! PLR content is generally low quality, poorly written and as a rule, is mostly re-hashed outdated material not worth using on your blog or website.

    > Step-By-Step Tutorials including how to edit HTML files, uploading sites with FTP, creating a ClickBank account and getting your affiliate link. All things by-the-way you can learn about for free, just Google some of it.super sales machine clickbank templates

    > The Marketing Mindset – training on preparing your mind to build a real business online. This could be helpful but won’t teach you how to drive traffic to your website or teach you the importance of keywords or SEO.

    > Important Weekly Email Updates. you will be notified whenever new content has been added to the member’s area.

    > Plus a lucrative opportunity for you to make even more money. You will be shown how to make your first online sale by referring others to the program. Possibly the only chance you will have to make any money here.

    Who Is Super Sales Machine For?

    The Super Sales Machine or similar type programs are going to be attractive to someone who just doesn’t want to do the work required to make money online, sure you might be able to earn a few dollars referring new people to the program but you’re not going to be able to quit your day job anytime soon. Even though Aaron claims you will make your first commission sale online, even if you’re a Stone-Cold Newbie is a claim that in my opinion is totally unrealistic. Without some previous internet marketing experience it would be almost impossible for a Stone-Cold Newbie to make any money here, therefore, making this Not newbie friendly at all.

    Final Thoughts

    I think it’s fairly obvious I’m not a big fan of programs like this that claim you can with little or no experience be able to start making money almost overnight, and all you have to do is click on a few things and Cha-Ching you’re magically rolling in the dough.

    Affiliate marketing is something you need to learn, you simply won’t make any money from a program or system that tries to sell you on the idea that it will do it all for on 100% autopilot, never has worked, never will work. Even though the opportunity does exist to make a little money here by referring new members to the program, The Super Sales Machine, in my opinion, falls short on just about every promise and claim it makes and is definitely a Scam!

    So, would I recommend trying The Super Sales Machine? Absolutely Not! 


    Final Verdict On The Super Sales Machine

    thumbs down

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