The Shopify Review – Is It The Best eCommerce Solution?



95 out of 100



    • Very Easy To Use
    • Incredible Flexibility
    • Extensive Themes Library
    • Detailed Reports
    • Guaranteed Ranking On Search Engines


    • Multi-Language Stores Are Not A Standard Feature
    • Might Be A Bit Pricey For Some


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    Shopify Overview

    Price: Free – 14 Day Trial – $9/monthly – $29 Basic/monthly

    Owners: Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand, Scott Lake



    Mark here, just stopping by to say welcome to my review of Shopify and just wanted to let you know I’ve been involved with online marketing for over ten years now, and I have seen a lot of good, even great products offered over the years, but I have also experienced some real crap as well.

    I promise not to bore you with endless bonus after bonus offers or annoying upsells, ultimately it will be up to you to make an informed decision on whether or not the product is right for you.

    I make every attempt to research and provide a fair assessment of all products I review.


    What Is Shopify?

    Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. Shopify lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders with only a few clicks of your mouse.

    Shopify is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a ton of experience with web developing or coding because Shopify offers a comprehensive e-commerce web builder complete with hundreds of templates ready to go right out of the box.

    Shopify Features

    The great thing about Shopify is that it is perfect for beginners and experts alike:


    How To Sell Online Using Shopify

    What Methods Of Payment Can My Customers Use?

    Most Shopify store owners accept credit card payments but you can offer more options like Cash on Demand, Money Orders, etc. Shopify integrates with many different payment processing services, and more are being added all the time. Just give Shopify the details once you’ve set up an account with one of them.

    Shopify supports literally dozens and dozens of payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, AliPay Global, All Major Credit Cards, Etc.

    How Do I Find Products To Sell On Shopify?

    shopify payments

    Shopify works closely with a company called Oberlo which is an app that allows you to import dropshipped products from AliExpress to your e-commerce store in just minutes. Any orders that your store receives will be directly shipped to your customers.

    Oberlo helps you find and add products directly into your Shopify store that you can start selling right away. When you find products, you’ll never have to keep them in a warehouse or have them stored in your house because Oberlo will hold the products for you.

    When you sell something, just order it on Oberlo and you’ll never have to package or ship the products. Oberlo will do this for you. Want To Learn More About Oberlo? Click Here!

    Shopify Pricing

    Shopify has a 14-day free trial which is great since this allows you to take Shopify for a test drive before you decide on which plan is best for you.

    These are the three Shopify plans available:

    • Basic Shopify – $29/monthly: All the basics for starting a new business.
    • Shopify – $79/monthly: Everything you need for a growing business.
    • Advanced Shopify – $299/monthly: Advanced features for scaling your business.

    Shopify also offers:

    Shopify Plus – Enterprise-grade solutions for high-volume merchants, and large businesses.

    Shopify Lite – Sell on Facebook and chat with your customers on Messenger, add products to any website or blog, and accept credit card payments for only $9 per month.

    Who Is Shopify For?

    Shopify is very easy to set up and get going, making it perfect for anyone who is just starting to venture out into the e-commerce world and wants to get the best results possible while being able to minimize costs as much as possible.

    shopify store
    Final Thoughts On Shopify

    For me, Shopify is perfect since I am fairly new to e-commerce and I am not the most tech savvy guy there is. The fact that Shopify is easy to set up and get started will make it an attractive e-commerce platform for just about everyone, and when you use Shopify along with Oberlo, it really is easy to get going.

    I am still in the early stages with Shopify and will provide regular updates on my progress. Learn More About Shopify Here Today!


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    This article has 4 Comments

    1. I have heard a lot about Shopify drop shipping, and starting an e-commerce business, but have decided not to do so myself. However, I am trying to build out my family business online and may use Shopify to eventually sell our septic tank probiotic bacteria.
      I was just telling a friend moments before stumbling upon this site that Shopify is a great drop shipping business, funny how things work out like that.
      Thank you for sharing, I will definitely recommend them!

      1. Hi Christopher and thanks for the comment. Shopify is a great eCommerce platform and a lot of people are making good money with Shopify. Cheers!

    2. Hi Mark,
      Great review. I was into drop shipping for a while and during that time investigated Shopify.
      As you noted as cons, I found them pricey for the benefits I would have gained. Perhaps with more traffic and sales, it would have been justified but just starting out means watching every $ spent per sale. Also, with no domains or email hosting it just seemed like extra expense for little return.
      Having said that, I know that they are a reputable company that does perform. If you can afford their services and the time saved allows you to do other things that your business needs, then they are probably worth it.
      Thanks for the review.

      1. Hi Ed and thanks for the comment. Agree, Shopify can be a bit pricey depending on your circumstances, but like you say they are a reputable company that certainly delivers.  Cheers!

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