The Bing Ads Training Review – Best PPC Training Program For 2017




Bing Ads Training Overview

Overall Ranking:image of 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating

Price: $47/Onetime

Owner: Kody Karppinen

Money Back Guarantee: Yes


What Is Bing Ads Training?

First of all let’s talk about Bing Ads for those who don’t know what that is. Bing Ads is a service that provides pay-per-click ( PPC ) advertising on both the Bing and Yahoo search engines.

When people start out using pay-per-click programs they often end up paying on average $1.00 per click, and that is why most people fail when they first start using pay-per-click advertising. With Bing Ads Training you will learn how to take that $1.00 and turn it into 20 clicks, $5.00 into 100 clicks, and $10.00 into 200 clicks to your affiliate link or landing page. This is why Bing Ads Training is the best PPC training program for 2017.

So What Else Will Bing Ads Training Do?

The Bing Ads Training Course will allow you to scale your business to new heights. One of the main reasons you will be able to get such a great ROI ( Return On Investment ) is because your average CPC ( Cost Per Click ) will be .05 cents. And when you can get 100 leads per day while only paying $5.00, your odds of being successful skyrocket.

Here is a little taste of what’s included in The Bing Ads Training Course:

  • Finding a Coupon Code
  • How to Create Your 1st Successful Campaign
  • How to Set Your Bids Correctly for .05 Cent Clicks
  • Create Ads That Captures Visitors Attention
  • How to Increase Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • How to Get Unlimited .05 Cent Clicks
  • Easily Create Thousands of “Buying” Related Keywords
  • How to Import Thousands of Keywords Into Your Campaign
  • Which Landing Page Creator is the Best
  • How to Track Your Conversions For FREE
  • How to Create Thousands of “Sign Up For” Keywords
  • How to Use Bing’s Search Bar to Find Targeted Phrases
  • How to Use Google Sheets & Excel
  • Access to a Members Only Facebook Group
  • Access to Future Training Videos at NO Extra Cost

Who Is Bing Ads Training For?

Bing Ads Training is for anyone who wants to learn how to use PPC ( pay-per-click ) advertising without making costly mistakes and losing a lot of money. Bing Ads Training is also for anyone with a website or blog, or anyone who is involved in affiliate marketing.

Let’s take a look at Kody’s results from the entire time he started with Bing Ads PPC

These are the top 6 campaigns out of 40 that have been converting very well. As you can see he was able to get over 65,000 clicks at just .05 cents per click.

Now let’s have a look at Kody’s top converting campaign


In this one campaign alone he was able to get over 12,000 clicks to his landing page while paying .05 cents per click, and his click-through-rate ( CTR ) was a solid 7 percent.

The main reason Kody gets such great results is because of all the keywords he bids on in every campaign. He had 2,947 keywords available to bid on with the campaign above. So, the more keywords you import to your campaigns, the more clicks you will receive.

So now you are probably thinking, just because he got all of those doesn’t mean he is making any money.

Let’s have a look at two campaigns that gave Kody a huge return on investment ( ROI ) utilizing the techniques listed above.

The image below is a screenshot of Kody’s Bing Ads Campaign for the MaxBounty Offer: “CLA Safflower Oil.” He got 858 clicks while paying only .13 cents per click, spending $111.93. The only reason he paid more than .05 cents per click with this offer is because it was converting like crazy. As you can see in the images below.

These are the results from the campaign set up for CLA Safflower Oil. Kody made $816 in total just from this one campaign, for a total profit of $704.17

That campaign was set up for an offer by MaxBounty. Now here is another campaign he set up with a different Affiliate Program.

These results are from one campaign Kody set up for a Share-a-Sale affiliate product..

For this campaign he spent $34.29 to receive 696 clicks at just .05 cents per click. He also had a very high Click-Through-Rate of 8.0%.
With this campaign Kody was able to bring in 29 sales, a total of $2,328.77 worth of sales and earned commissions of $445. All of these results were from spending just $34 via Bing Ads PPC.

Final Thoughts On Bing Ads Training

Now, nothing is perfect and everything has it’s pro’s and cons but at this point I am not able to find anything negative about Bing Ads Training. Kody Karppinen has been involved in and has been a very successful internet marketer for a little over 6 years now, he also has experience with pay-per-click marketing ( PPC ), search engine optimization ( SEO ), affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and video editing. He has his own website called  ” ” that helps anyone start making an income online.
So, if you are ready to learn how to set-up campaigns just like the ones above then I recommend taking a look at Bing Ads Training. 
Oh, almost forgot….there are No Upsells which makes this an even better deal, you just don’t see that every day! Check Out Bing Ads Training Here Today!

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