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If you want to be at all successful as an affiliate marketer, you will need a website that will generate a decent amount of revenue. Your website will then need to have two things, traffic, and good conversion rates.

Since there are so many ways to go about doing this, you can save yourself a lot of time by simply sticking to one simple, and inexpensive strategy, and that is SEO.

So, the idea here is to have as many people coming to your site as possible, the more visitors you have to your site the better the chances are that someone is going to click on a referral link. If your site is convincing enough, a fairly large number of visitors will likely click on some links ( which is, in essence, a conversion rate ), and will in many cases come back and visit your site again.

So let’s have a look at SEO for affiliates, and how you can improve your bottom line.

If You Want To Be Successful It Is Going To Take Some Time

One of the biggest issues marketers have with SEO is that the results are seldom immediate. So the need for careful planning and a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve becomes extremely important.

If you focus on creating quality content and a great user experience, you can almost be guaranteed you will have more visitors coming to your site, and your audience will start to grow with time. Different sites tend to grow at different rates, mainly because of how much time and effort each site owner puts in.

Search engine optimization has certainly evolved and changed over the years and is gradually moving from a strictly technical skill to more of a hybrid approach. What is meant by this is, that user experience and satisfaction are becoming much more important rather than good site structure.

However, this can certainly be bad news for any get rich quick schemes that still litter the internet marketing landscape, but it does make things a whole lot easier. So, instead of all the keyword stuffing and trying to hack Google SERP’s, you should be focusing on creating helpful, informative and engaging content that will most assuredly increase your chances of success.

So, what are the next steps we need to take in order to put all of this to good use?

Keywords, The Right Choice Of Keywords Will Increase Organic Traffic

Google today likes to use stuff like latent semantic indexing, which simply put means that Google doesn’t see keywords in the same way that they used to. Search engines can now understand synonyms and similar terms, which means if you write naturally, Google will pick up on keywords based on context.

Check out this video about keywords created by Kyle, co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate

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Therefore, the use of Long Tail Keywords becomes a lot easier and much more effective. Long tail keywords just might be a game changer when it comes to your rankings. So rather than competing for wide ranging terms where there can be literally thousands or millions of sites targeting a simple keyword, you can focus on more specific long tail keywords. For instance, instead of targeting “Red Jacket”, you could use “Ladies Red Winter Jacket”.

The first thing you need to do is some primary keyword research. You can use SEMrush to see which keywords get a lot of shares and linkbacks. You can also use the Google Keyword Planner.

All of this will give you a much better idea about what some of the more popular content is, and then you can decide on how you are going to make it better.

Increase Your Engagement With On-Page SEO

Simply put, On-Page SEO covers both the content and technical side of your pages and posts, while Off-Page SEO is tied mostly to link building in one form or another.

So why all the talk about On-Page SEO?

The most current search engine algorithms allow for a more contextual approach when it comes to ranking factors. In fact, Google looks at how long people stay on your pages and posts and also monitors user experience.

Now, this is not to say that old school short content isn’t working anymore, it just means their days are numbered. So we all need to keep working with the future in mind, most importantly because it can take a long time ( 6 months to a year ) in many cases, for a successful SEO strategy to work fully.

Titles, URL’s, And Metatags

These three things are what potential visitors will see first. This is where you can mix some SEO in with some good ole psychology.

Try to keep key phrases close to the beginning of your title, since search engines tend to pay more attention to the first 3 – 4 words. Ideally, titles should be no more than 60 characters in length ( any longer and Google will just truncate it ). The same applies to URL’s, try and make them as short as possible, and include your keyword as well.


Also, keep in mind that titles and meta tags can improve your clickthrough rates ( CTR’s ). Using powerful words and phrases such as easy, quick, useful, guide, and how-to can help increase those CTR’s. However, you can’t really use all of it in your title, that’s where meta tags really shine.


Try to have short, engaging descriptions that let potential visitors to your site know what your article is about and why it would be useful to them.

Create Content That Is Easy To Read

The internet, for the most part, has turned many of us into a culture of text skimmers, so we need to make it as easy as possible for our visitors. What we should be doing is using short paragraphs, plenty of white spaces, and split content into sections with subheadings.

Subheadings should be clear and easy to understand, and if possible they should be benefit oriented ( explaining how that section is useful to the reader ). Length can depend on the kind of content you have and should be over 1,000 words.

Outreach = High Traffic

If you want to create an awesome site with tons of traffic, no matter what your site is about, you will have to get down and dirty and work your butt off. Creating awesome content is only one component of digital marketing. Once you publish your content, that’s when the real work starts.

You have to get busy now and start promoting like there’s no tomorrow. This is when social media can be your best friend. Studies have shown that social media generates, generally speaking, more leads than other methods and these leads tend to have a higher lead-to-close ratio.

social media buttons

So, maintaining an active presence on as many social media platforms as possible is a must. Along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Pinterest and YouTube, various forums can be used with good results.

Also keep in mind that YouTube is a separate search engine, so the possibility exists for you to rank for the same keyword twice if done right.

Another way to outreach is to start compiling an email list, which is highly recommended. This will be your most personal approach, and the potential for people to link to an email link of yours is far greater than any other method.

This will require some extra work and incentive in order to get people to leave you their information. Typically, you would do this by creating landing pages where you offer some free stuff or extra stuff in exchange for information.

You can also be a guest blogger on some of the high authority sites and increase your visibility, authority, and potentially get backlinks to your site. The flip side to all of this is blogger outreach, which could wind up being the key strategy that actually gets your blog off the ground. Look for influential bloggers within your niche, contact them directly and try to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

These are only a few of the basic steps for SEO and improving your bottom line. There are literally dozens of much faster ways, but there are no cheaper alternatives when it comes to improving your online presence. However, no one ever said you can’t go ahead and use both paid and free/organic traffic, in fact, it can be a very powerful combination.


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