Create A Website On A Budget – Ideas For 2017


Need A Website For Your Home Based Business?

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Yes, you do, but I bet you are afraid it will cost too much and be too complicated to build and create a website on a budget.

Well, it doesn’t have to cost a lot, in fact, you can start to create a website on a budget, or you can create one for nothing and it is not complicated at all.

Now it’s quite surprising to know that almost half of all home-based business don’t have a website, yes almost half and that is an amazing stat given the fact that having a website offers you endless benefits when it comes to promoting your business such as helping people find you when they are searching for a business like yours, a website helps inform customers on how your business can help them and helps build a relationship with your customers.

So What Will It Cost?

Let’s start with Set-Up Costs

Your website will need two things, a home and a framework. The homepage is your web domain which is the Url that people will type in to access your site. You can actually get a domain for as low as $14 for the entire year, incredibly affordable!

Next is your framework or your web hosting, this is kind of like a storage locker for everything your website needs to function such as codes, files, photos etc.

You will need web hosting as long as you have a website and costs will vary but, being able to keep things within your budget is not difficult at all as you will see here shortly.


Setting Up Your Website Design

This will most likely be where you will spend the most amount of money but again don’t let this scare you away from getting started because there are places you can go and get this done for very little money. You will also get step by step tutorials and have access to a community of 1,000’s who are always available to help you every step of the way.

Create A Website In Under 30 Seconds…..Free!

Resource Image  Watch the video…. Create A Website In 30 Seconds

Maintaining Your Website

Regardless of your level of expertise maintaining your website is simple, sure some folks prefer to hire someone to look after their websites either a web designer or some sort of IT expert but I have to ask why? Why spend all of that money unnecessarily when you can get it all done for you for only pennies a day. Always take your time to do some research, read product reviews and don’t let yourself get caught up in the endless amounts of over-hyped overpriced products that are out and there are a lot, but again there are several that are extremely affordable and provide the extensive training and support that a newcomer to this or even a seasoned veteran will hugely benefit from.

Marketing Your Website

For any home based business having a website is essential for making it easy for customers to make purchases, understand what it is you are offering and how it can benefit them and helps with branding you and your product as well as building a relationship with your customers which is crucial to the success of any business.

Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword search and driving traffic to your site is incredibly important and can also be expensive but again it doesn’t have to be if you know where to go. Social Media marketing can be a very powerful source for driving traffic to your site and is generally free to do so, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin are some of those free social media sites that I like to use. WordPress is another powerful way to drive traffic to your site, it’s one of my favorites!

Spend some time learning how to use keywords, keywords and phrases are what people who are looking for what you have to offer will type into search’s such as Google, there are many free keyword search tools available and can be instrumental to the success of your business.

You might also choose at some point to spend a little money on advertising such as Pay Per Click but competition is stiff with many people wanting to use keywords you will likely be using but Pay Per Click is a quick way to drive traffic to your site but again could be a little pricey.

Building your own website on a budget is without a doubt possible if you have the right kind of training and support. This is why I highly recommend this site, it gives you absolutely everything you are going to need to get started ‘The Right Way” and be a success online!













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  1. You are so right, everyone who owns any sort of business needs a website. I have a dance studio, and I get loads of enquiries through my website, so it is well worth it.

    It is nice to know that businesses can build one with hardly any costs using the link you recommend and also get training at the same time. I wish I had known about this sooner, as I had to learn the hard way.

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