The Internet Marketing Niche – Is It Too Competitive In 2017?

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The Internet Marketing Niche – Is It Too Competitive In 2017?

Are you thinking of starting your own home based business, and maybe considering internet marketing as your niche of choice? One thing you might want to consider, the internet marketing niche is it too competitive in 2017 and should I be looking for a different niche all together? Well, the short answer is no to both. Competition should be viewed as a good thing and not a bad thing at all.

So, you’re probably scratching your head thinking how can competition especially in a market filled with thousands constantly jockeying for top spot in the search engines and trying to make money everywhere you look be a good thing?

It’s really very simple. Look at it this way, for any business to be successful you need a product or service to sell and someone to sell it to. So now you need a product or service that is in high demand and plenty of buyers.

If you are at the supermarket and you are looking for some cereal, for example, you will see that there are many different brands of cereal but the cereal itself is exactly the same. The only real noticeable difference, however, is the packaging on the outside and there might be a slight taste difference, but not a whole lot more other than that.

The reason for this is that there is high demand for certain kinds of cereal and we all have our own personal preferences. Some of us want to save money and will buy the cheaper brand, or maybe you prefer the taste of another brand or the packaging is more appealing.

So, the simple fact is that when there’s a high demand for something the opportunity exists for you to be able to compete by offering the same thing in a different or unique way.

This is particularly true when it comes to informational products. We all tend to consume information in certain ways, and quite often a particular person will be able to explain what that information is in a way that will connect with you but not with someone else.

Now, if you choose information marketing as a business it doesn’t really matter how much competition you might be facing, you will still be able to compete by offering something in a different way. When you consider the internet marketing niche there is no doubt it is very competitive, and there always seems to be a handful of people who have the bulk of the customer base.

However, when you consider the incredible number of people who are looking for help and image of people in a crowdinformation about the internet marketing niche, you will soon realize there is plenty of room for people to offer their own solutions to such a large worldwide audience.

There are literally endless amounts of areas and aspects of internet marketing that you could become an expert in, and if you can provide a new angle and a different way of presenting your offer you automatically remove your competition.

Let’s say you decide to produce some information products and you want to promote those products using audio and video formats, it just became a lot easier because you now have something that is totally unique. For example, if you produce an audio training program no one can copy the way you do it. They may be able to copy the content of your product, but because it’s you doing the talking and unless someone else out there sounds exactly like you and presents the information just like you do, then there really is no one who will be able to compete with you.

Many people will connect with you but may not connect with your competition because of the way you present information. Look at it this way, we are all unique and the information no matter what that may be that we provide, and the manner in which we provide it, is unique also.

The biggest thing to remember is that you can’t let competition get in your way, no matter what aspect of internet marketing you choose. There are currently 7.5 billion people on this planet and over 40% of those have an internet connection. Without having to do the math that equates to a lot, and I mean a lot of people going online and searching for something every single day, and with the economy in most parts of the world being depressed to some degree, more and more people are looking for ways to make money online.


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