How To Write Product And Services Reviews That Sell – Ideas For 2017

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If you create a quality blog with useful content then you will eventually be able to enjoy the opportunity to write product and services reviews that can generate income through direct sales and affiliate programs. Writing honest and thorough reviews is the key to keeping readers interested and engaged and ensuring you that you won’t be scaring them away before they even finish reading the first paragraph. Here are some tips on how to write product and services reviews that sell.

How To Write Product And Services Reviews That Sell

The biggest challenge I find when writing a blog review is putting together a review that is honest but will still convert. If done the right way you will retain your credibility and still be able to generate revenue from your blog.

Here are some ideas that should help you write a successful review:

A Thorough, Well Written Review Should Answer Questions

  • Why is this product or service different or unique compared to the competition?
  • What does this product or service offer?
  • What does this product or service do that makes it stand out from the rest?
  • Why is this product or service not as good as the others?
  • Who is this product or service for?
  • Where can you purchase this product or service?

These are all questions that a reader is likely to ask, so your job is to try and answer all of these questions.

When someone visits your site and reads your review, they are going to naturally ask themselves if it would be a good idea to purchase this product or service and does it fit their needs. If you are not able to answer this question, then the reader is most likely to move on and not make a purchase. Your goal should always be to answer as many questions as you can and provide your readers with a complete and thorough review.

A quality review that converts/sells will provide all of the information necessary to convince the reader that this product is a must-have item. Your review should be one that the reader will not be able to find anywhere else, and by using several examples, pictures, images, and videos perhaps, your readers will now feel like this is the product for them. Here is one example of a product review.

Always Remember – ” Nothing Is Perfect “

In your efforts to provide the best possible reviews, there is one thing that all products and service on the market have in common and that is ” Nothing Is Perfect “ Every product or service available that you will review has good points as well as bad points, and both need to be talked about equally. One thing you will find is that far too often you will see reviews that are far too positive and candy-coated in order to help the writer either sell the product as quickly as possible or even get free samples of the product.

People who are writing product reviews tend to fall into this trap rather easily and tend to lose sight of one of the most important things you should never forget, your credibility is at stake as a review blogger. If you appear far too excited and eager about that product or service it is almost guaranteed that your readers will see right through that and simply move on.

Remember Who Your Readers Are

When writing a product or services review you need to keep in mind who your readers will be. image of woman readingPeople who visit your reviews will all react to certain types of language. In many cases keeping it simple and answering the question, ” does this product fit my needs ” will be what most readers are looking for, but from time to time you may get a criticism about your review not being technical enough, and that’s okay. A small percentage will want elaborate details about a product, but the vast majority just want to know if that product is right for them.

Two Kinds Of Readers

Whether we like it or not you will experience two different kinds of readers.

1) The scanner is someone that focuses mainly on the key points and moves on quickly.

2) The second kind of reader acts like a sponge and soaks up every single word of your product review.

When writing a product review you have to always remember, you are writing for two types of readers. The scanner will be a reader that will be drawn to Attention Grabbing Headlines. Try using Attention Grabbing Headlines throughout the entire review and summarize the key points at the end.

At the end of your review, offer a quick and simple paragraph that summarizes the good points and bad points of that product or service. This will present the review in a way that is good for both the soaks up every single word reader and gives the scanner a quick overview of the product.

Adding Affiliate Links To Your Reviews

If you were successful and have now written an honest and thorough product review, readers will have by now decided whether or not to purchase the product in question based on the information you provided. A good habit to get into is inserting your affiliate link into some kind of text header at the end of the review that explains that this is the link to click on in order to purchase the product that the review was about. And hopefully, with all of the hard work and effort you put into that review, your readers will be convinced that this is the product or service they absolutely need.


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