How To Get People To Read Your Blog – Tips And Strategies

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Blogging has become extremely popular over the last several years, and thousands have decided to jump on the blogging band wagon and give it a go. Many start out with a ton of ambition, ideas, do some research and gain some knowledge, and start putting pen to paper, or more appropriately I suppose, fingers to keypad.

In the beginning, many like myself have found themselves blogging away, providing content that we thought was relevant, made our blogs appealing and interesting but, we waited and waited and very few people, or maybe no one at all was stopping by to see what I spent a lot of time and effort writing about.

For many newcomers all of a sudden you are feeling a certain amount of frustration, and probably feeling a little dejected too at the same time. There are several mistakes that all new bloggers make, but there’s good news. Fortunately, getting people to read your blog isn’t as hard as it may seem, there are ways to get your blog back on its feet and heading in the right direction.

Is Your Blog Relevant To Your Audience?

All bloggers have a passion for the topics they write about and try hard to convince readers that their products or services are so good that you won’t be able to resist pulling out your credit card and make a purchase.

Unfortunately, many bloggers make this mistake. Remember, your blog is new and you are reaching out to future customers and subscribers, and since they don’t know anything about you or the products you are selling, they really don’t care about you or your business…..yet!

Attracting new customers is the toughest part of all, it means attracting an audience who has never met you and knows nothing about you. So now you are appealing to strangers, strangers that will one day show an interest in what you have to offer and eventually become customers.

Imagine for a minute your company sells products that help people get ready for retirement. Your target audience might be people aged 45 – 55, earning a modest yearly income. So now you need to figure out how to appeal them. Try and figure out what their needs might be, what are their desires, what are their passions, and what are they interested in. These are all questions you should ask when considering a topic or niche for your blog.

Try not to oversell your product or yourself. Take some time to get to know who your customers are first, then create content that is both useful and has value, and also helps them solve a problem.

Things You Can Do

  • Use language that your target audience can relate to.
  • Check out your competition, what are they writing about?
  • Start analyzing previous posts, you can use Google Analytics for this and find out which topics are getting the most attention.

Are You Getting The Word Out About Your Blog Effectively?

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You’ve been working your butt off creating an amazing blog full of useful and interesting content. However, don’t think that the hard work is over, you still need to get the word out about your awesome blog.

By now social media is something that just about every person on the planet is familiar with, making it one of the most powerful tools for any blogger. Social media is relatively cost-effective and has the potential to attract thousands, if not millions of new readers to your blog.


One benefit of using social media, Facebook, in particular, is that it offers you the ability to target specific groups and reach your ideal audience. Are your customer’s people who are looking to work from home, or sports fanatics that have an obsession with sports memorabilia. The cool thing about Facebook is that it has the ability to pinpoint and target a specific audience related to your blog’s content.

Sharing your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is easy, and it’s also a good idea to add share buttons to your blog posts.

Things You Can Do

  • Using social media to start conversations with your blog followers.
  • Share new blog content, but make sure to re-share older content as well.
  • Spend a few dollars on targeted Facebook advertising and boosted posts.
  • Join Facebook groups that are relevant to what your blog is about.

Is Your Blog SEO Optimized?

So, you might be wondering why is SEO ( search engine optimization ) so important? I used to wonder the same thing until I really started paying attention to how much good SEO can improve your ranking with the search engines. I took the time to learn and understand how to properly use SEO, and I have to be honest, it has worked amazingly well for me, and the best part is, it’s really easy to do. Learn more about SEO. Click Here!seo

Now, I keep hearing people say that if you don’t land on the first page of Google every time no one will ever find you. Don’t get me wrong though, your ultimate goal with SEO is to land on the first page every time, but truth be told for whatever reason, you won’t. But don’t worry too much about that, I have found my articles on page two or three and still get a reasonable amount of traffic.

Anyone who is blogging is always trying to achieve top rankings, but it is incredibly easy to make some mistakes here. New bloggers and even veteran bloggers can get caught up in the excitement of getting a new blog post published and ready for people to see, and forget some of the important SEO details like title tags, alt image tags, and meta descriptions.

Another thing that bloggers tend to overlook is the importance of keywords. This is why keyword research tools are a must, even though many bloggers tend to ignore them. Some bloggers just can’t be bothered with having to spend some time crunching the numbers, but you have to in my opinion. If you really want your blog posts to rank well, then there’s just no way of avoiding analytics.

Things You Can Do

  • SEO plugins are a good way to optimize your blog. WordPress offers a great All In One SEO Pack, which I am currently using.
  • Learn how to use Long Tail Keywords, they are more specific and give you a greater chance to move ahead of your competition.
  • Utilize online keyword research tools such as Jaaxy, SEMrush, or Long Tail Pro.

Your Not Publishing New Content Frequently

The frequency with which you publish content has a direct impact on your search traffic, the number of new subscribers, and how Much Google is going to like your blog. Publishing content 2 or 3 times a week ( more is better if you can ) will put you in Googles good books, Google loves to see new content, regularly.

The problem here is, many bloggers just don’t have time to spend in front of their computers continually pumping out content. But, writing quality content requires time and effort, and quite often a lot of it.

Finding time to write that frequently can seem a bit daunting for sure, but is an important part of your marketing strategy. Make sure you put aside several hours a week of uninterrupted time in order to write the best content possible.

Still can’t find enough time, maybe consider hiring a freelancer, there are many to choose from, but make sure to do some research and find one that comes highly recommended. And make sure you are all on the same page when it comes to content and strategy.

Things You Can Do

  • Come up with a blogging schedule you can stick to. Trello has a ton of great free tools, and the content calendar is one of them.
  • When time permits, compile a list of topics and content ideas.
  • Consider using some online management software to help free up some time.

Maybe Your Writing Skills Need Some Work


I struggle with this one all the time and is something I am constantly trying to improve. There are many mistakes bloggers make. A lot of bloggers have a hard time breaking the habit of using rambling, long-winded sentences. Also if you are using words that are both difficult to read and pronounce, now’s the time to stop, it makes reading your blog posts difficult and hard to understand.

Use language your audience will understand. Most people will quickly lose interest if the language you are using goes over their heads. Explain your business in a way that an outsider will easily understand.

Or maybe your writing is just, well, boring. 🙁 Good writers know how to engage their readers with the use of things like emotional phrases or words, humor, metaphors, and imagery.

But, anyone can improve their writing skills. Becoming a good blog writer is often as easy as simplifying your language, or occasionally being grammatically incorrect in order to get your point across more effectively.

Things You Can Do

  • Write naturally, as if you are talking to family or friends.
  • Add some power words to help get your point across.
  • Avoid too much technical talk or business language.
  • Cut long drawn out sentences in half.

Do Your Headlines Stand Out In A Crowd?

We live in a fast-paced environment and are constantly being flooded with exciting, tantalizing content every time we start up our computers. The internet is a very noisy place, and somehow your blog needs to stand out from the rest, and the first thing people will see is your headline.

In many ways, your headline is the most important piece of your blogs puzzle. Your headline gets you noticed on social media, search engines, and even newsletters. Writing great, eye-catching headlines isn’t always easy, and can be a challenge even for the most experienced blogger.

A really great blog headline needs to be captivating, but not tacky. It should offer some sort of benefit or value to the reader, and if you are looking to get search traffic ( organic traffic ) it needs to include your keyword or phrase. Your headline also needs to stay under the character limit Google has in place. It’s a good idea to try and keep your titles or headlines to under 60 characters.

Things You Can Do

  • Try to keep your headline under 60 or 70 characters, 60 is better.
  • Include your keywords in the headline.
  • Have it explain what the reader will learn or how they will benefit.
  • Appeal to peoples emotions, try using words that are touching and moving.

Maybe Your Blog Isn’t Mobile Friendly

mobile phone

It’s no secret, we are a generation that is incredibly mobile, and we take our smartphones absolutely everywhere we go. Anything we want or need to know is right there at our fingers tips thanks to the worldwide reach of the internet and the huge advancement of smartphone technology.

According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices.

So, if your website or blog is not mobile friendly, you are obviously missing out on a huge percentage of potential visitors to your blog. And whats worse, if your blog isn’t mobile friendly Google just might penalize you because of it by not ranking your site as well as it might have been if it was mobile friendly, which ultimately leads to less traffic.

Things You Can Do

I know from experience that creating a successful blog takes a lot of planning, a ton of patience, and a lot of hard work. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, we all make them and continue to make them, and we can continue to learn from them as well.

Most important of all, don’t give up, persistence pays off!


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