Email Marketing Solutions – Best Practices For 2017


Email Marketing Solutions – Best Practices For 2017

Email marketing in 2017 without a doubt is still one the most cost-effective, compelling and dynamic marketing tools available. In general, email marketing is very predictable and remains relatively low cost to use.

Another benefit email marketing has to offer unlike Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook is that not only do you build your list….You Own It!image of email marketing

Email marketing is a key method built into every business’s marketing plan. When it comes to customer retention and acquisition, email marketing is the mechanism that will get results.

When developing an email marketing campaign it is important to remember a few key strategies. Here are some email marketing solutions and best practices for 2017 that should help with your campaigns.

  1. Create a compelling subject line, avoid spam trigger words and include your social network buttons.
  2. You have to be Mobile Friendly. People viewing email make up anywhere from 15 – 70% of emails being seen, depending on your target audience, product and email type.

According to KissMetrics, which is a customer intelligence and website analytics company, email marketing has almost three times the user base as Twitter and Facebook combined.

Here are a few more things you need to think about and apply:

1. Know your goals

Understand the goal of your email campaign and make sure it is specific and quantifiable. Whatever goal you decide on a call to action should be included.

2. Send the right message to the right people at the right time

Not every email you send will be suited to everyone on your list. Make sure your email list is divided into separate groups and categories, then you can create custom email marketing campaigns for each group or category. Test, test and do more testing, experiment with sending emails on different days at different times and see what works for you.

3. Does your email contain information of value?

( WIIFM ) What’s in it for me? That is the question you need to answer. Always keep in mind the question you are really asking is, “What do the people on my email list have to gain by receiving this email?” Be sure that your email is going to help the recipient and your content is of value. The WIIFM should be loud and clear.

4. Have a captivating subject line

Why are subject lines so important? Simple, most people will decide to open an email based solely on how compelling the subject line is. Since it’s the first thing you see it’s importance can’t be stressed enough. Try to keep your subject line short and sweet, typically under fifty characters. A subject line that offers something of value, and peaks the potential reader’s interest and causes a sense of urgency and excitement will be the most effective subject you can write.

5. Avoid spam-trigger words

Avoid words that will cause your emails to be detected by spam filters. Also, avoid using all CAPS and exclamation marks in email subject lines, these run the risk of getting flagged.

6. Include social media share buttons

You need to be offering your contacts the ability to share your emails on their social media sites, you will be missingImage of social media share buttons out on potential business if you don’t offer this. You may have an enticing offer that one of your leads thinks might be worth showing to friends. Social share buttons give your emails the potential to seen by thousands of people you normally would have no access to. Social media is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.

7. Make sure your email is eye-catching

It is important that your email is eye-catching and nicely formatted. Use bullet points where necessary along with images ( sparingly ) and break up text into short sentences or paragraphs. If your email looks long and boring, your contacts will likely skim over it quickly and hit the delete button.


8. Make sure your email is Mobile Friendly

Pay close attention to how your emails appear on smartphones and tablets and make sure your emails are optimized for these devices. Some tips for creating mobile-friendly emails include using a single column template, having one call to action, using larger text and being concise and to the point as possible, both in the body of the email and in the subject line.

9. Track and analyze your results

Pay attention to things like open rate and click-through rate to get a sense of how your emails are performing. With a strong CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) you can view email campaigns reports that will provide you with key data. You could also consider using Google URL builder to insert trackable links within your emails so you can see clicks and conversions with Google Analytics.

10. Optimize your email campaigns with A/B split testing

With A/B split testing you send one kind of email to half of your list and another kind to the other half. Split test the subject line of your emails, the time or day of the week you sent it out, the email headline or any other aspect of the email to see what works best. A/B split testing is a proven way to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

11. Include a call to action ( CTA )

Confirm whether or not your email has a clear and convincing CTA. Make it easy for people to take action the way you want them to, such as signing for a free trial, fill out a form to receive a free ebook or call a specific number.

Quite simply put, if you’re not taking advantage of email marketing to give your business a kick in the butt, you’re missing out big time.


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  1. I’m still learning my ropes in email marketing. I like how you break down the process into step by step. I have some questions like what’s the optimum frequency to blast out emails to your subscribers without turning them off? And more importantly, how do you build up an email list that has a high engagement rate?

    1. Hi Kenny. There really is no one answer for how often or the frequency in which you should send emails, but a minimum of once per month is OK, but a maximum of once per week is more effective. What i do to help ensure people actually open my emails is making sure the subject line clearly describes what my email is about, make sure your email message is relevant to what your subscribers are looking for and also make sure the information is useful and helpful, and experiment with the frequency in which you send emails. Test different days of the week, month and even times of day. You can do some A/B split testing which can be useful as well. Hope this helps. Cheers!

  2. I just started with my email campaign and there is so much to learn. I find you site very helpful because it breaks down everything when it comes to starting a successful email marketing campaign. Would you be able to recommend any services that could help with sending emails out? thanks!

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