Does Google Adsense Work And Can I Make Money With It In 2017?


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I used to wonder if Google Adsense was worth the effort and if it was right for me, I also used to hear people asking the same thing along with ” does google Adsense work and can I make money with it in 2017 ” In fact the same questions are asked today just about everywhere I look and for me the answer is yes to both. If you have a WordPress site and like to blog about things you have a passion for, then your WordPress blog and Adsense can work together nicely.

There are a few things to consider in determining whether or not Adsense is right for you.

  • Do You Have A Content Rich Website?

Google Adsense is designed to work best with content-rich websites. That is to say that if your website is full of interesting and helpful information you are far more likely to do better than someone who has a site that is full of advertising and offers very little helpful information.

On the other hand, if your website is overly rich with content than those people that come to your site looking for useful information may be totally satisfied with the content you are offering and might not go and visit your Adsense ads. I know, seems like a bit of a catch 22 in a manner of speaking but this where you need to do some research and experiment a little and find out where that fine line lies within a content-rich website.

  • What Do You Want Your Website To Accomplish?

You will need to look at how Adsense will affect what it is you are trying to accomplish with your website. Will you be selling your own products or will you be involved with affiliate programs, if so then Google Adsense may take potential sales away from you, but if you want to provide your visitors with quality content that is helpful to them then you can still make some money and Google Adsense will work for you.


In my experience and having asked others who use Google Adsense, it appears as though it could work for just about anyone. One argument I have seen is that if someone comes to your site and continues on to an Adsense ad and buys from there instead of from you, chances were they probably weren’t going to buy from you anyway so off they go, but at some point someone else will show up stay on your site and buy from you so be patient, it will happen.

Choosing the right keywords and optimizing them is crucial to the success of any Adsense campaign. Correct optimization of keywords will ensure that Google delivers ads that are relevant to your website and further ensuring a high click-through rate, but if your site is not keyword optimized then you will wind up with less than desirable results.

  • Don’t Break The Rules!

Google Adsense has a very strict policy when it comes to their affiliates following the rules, so if you have any ideas about not following the rules then simply do not get involved with Google Adsense. Always read the Terms Of Service so you fully understand what the rules are.

  • So, Where Do I Put Adsense Ads On My Website?

Placing Adsense ads isn’t just about copying and pasting code, people are already advertising blind so offering quality content and a compelling site will help you tenfold when trying to get readers to notice what you have to offer.

Do not use the ” In Your Face ” kind of approach when placing ads but instead place them where they will get seen but are a little off to the side but not totally hidden. You will probably need to spend some time trying different places on your site before you start to see some results so experiment a little and be patient with it.

If at some point you feel as though you have done everything you can think of and your results with Adsense are not what you were hoping for, then go back and have another look at your website and make sure you are using the right keywords, your ad placement is what you want, revisit whether or not your site is accomplishing the things you were aiming for at the beginning. Is your site content rich and are you getting the traffic you were hoping for, are visitors moving away from your site and going straight to your Adsense ads or are they ignoring your Adsense ads and happily staying on your site because the content you are providing is satisfying enough?

With enough patience and when done right, Google Adsense can be a good source of supplemental revenue, not everyone will make a lot of money with it, but a little extra here and there certainly won’t hurt.


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