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CB Engine Overview

Overall Ranking:Image of 3.5 out 5 star ratings

Price: 7 Day Free Trial/$27 Lifetime

Money Back Guarantee : Yes 60 Day

Website: www.cbengine.com

What Is CB Engine?

CB Engine is the top ClickBank analytics search site on the internet. CB Engine allows you to search and find the top products from the ClickBank Marketplace. The ClickBank Marketplace is a huge library of ebooks, software and other digital goods. The ClickBank Marketplace contains thousands of products that you are free to promote as an affiliate, and CB Engine helps you find top ClickBank products that sell. The vast majority of ClickBank vendors pay a commission of 50% – 75% on the sale price of their products.

Who Is CB Engine For?

CB Engine is for any affiliate marketer that wants to promote ClickBank products. CB Engine will assist you in finding the best selling products, programs that offer recurring commissions, and the newest products listed on ClickBank.

Once you have found something that is selling well you should research the product and see if it will be something that your visitors will find useful.

Key Features

Get Instant Access To:

  • ClickBank Affiliate Insider Access
  • Advanced Search Options Access
  • Customize Search Result Views
  • Analyze Entire Historical Ranking Data
  • See Product Graphs for Rank, Gravity, EPS and more
  • See Product Name change history
  • See Product Refund Rates
  • Create Custom ClickBank Ads
  • ClickBank 1-Click Login Manager
  • All statistics to monitor sales trends
  • Product Bookmarking / Folder App
  • Syndicate ad blocks from bookmark folders
  • Generate HTML pages with affiliate links from folders
  • Easily copy and paste to your website
  • Plus much more.

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Cb Engine Review

CB Engine Affiliate Marketing Tools

Use CB Engine’s calculators to determine ClickBank refund rates and commissions. You can also use their handy little Hoplink and purchase link generator.

  • ClickBank Refund Calculator: This will calculate the refund rate for a ClickBank product.
  • CLickbank Reverse Commission Calculator: Calculate the sale price for a ClickBank product based on the amount earned and commission rate.
  • ClickBank Commission Calculator: Use this calculator to determine the amount a ClickBank affiliate and vendor should earn from a sale.
  • ClickBank Affiliate Hoplink Generator: Generate a ClickBank affiliate hoplink for any ClickBank product.
  • ClickBank sales link generator: Generate a vendor sales link to the ClickBank order page.


 The Good And The Bad


  • Is helpful in finding products that sell and are profitable
  • Free trial is available
  • Statistics are provided that you won’t find with ClickBank itself
  • You will save time searching for profitable products
  • CB Engine is reasonably priced


  • Extra research will be needed to ensure products are of good quality and will be useful to your audience
  • Some recommended products may not be what they seem, again do some extra research

What Does CB Engine Cost?

CB Engine offers a 7 day free trial which should be appealing to most people, while this isn’t all that unusual it is nice to be able to test drive something before you decide to buy. After the 7 day free trial a lifetime membership of $27 is available, a good deal in my opinion.

There is also a CB WordPress plugin available for $30. The plugin allows you to import the entire ClickBank marketplace and choose which products you want to promote.

Final Thoughts On CB Engine

I have used CB Engine in the past and will be using it again shortly and it has helped me find some quality products from ClickBank, and yes I even made some money from them. While I do agree with many who say you need to do some extra research to ensure you are providing your audience with products that are useful, and that applies to just about anything online, I have a hard time accepting the fact that some reviews are saying that ClickBank is losing ground and providing nothing but poor quality products. Now, I rarely get on a soap box and start going on about things and maybe one day I will do a blog post about the reality of product reviews online, but let’s keep in mind that a lot of reviews are written to be negative about a product or service and are meant to re-direct the reader to something else that the person who wrote the review wants to sell.

So, having said all that do I think CB Engine is a good product….Yes. CB Engine is affordable and it will help you source out some good products to promote and hopefully make some money from.



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