Bitcoins Wealth Club Review – Legit Or Scam?

Bitcoins Wealth Club

Bitcoins Wealth Club

30 out of 100



    • Some Decent Training
    • Reasonable Support
    • Easy To Understand Platform


    • Program Owner Is Known To Be Associated With Previous Scams
    • Income Claims Are Severely Exaggerated
    • MLM-Pyramid Style Program
    • Costly Membership Upgrades


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    Bitcoins Wealth Club Overview

    Price: Free/$97/month

    Owner: Vitaliy Dubinin



    Mark here, just stopping by to say welcome to my review of Bitcoins Wealth Club and just wanted to let you know I’ve been involved with online marketing for over ten years now, and I have seen a lot of good, even great products offered over the years, but I have also experienced some real crap as well.

    I promise not to bore you with endless bonus after bonus offers or annoying upsells, ultimately it will be up to you to make an informed decision on whether or not the product is right for you.

    I make every attempt to research and provide a fair assessment of all products I review.


    Bitcoins Wealth Club is another money making opportunity from well-known internet scam artist Vitaliy Dubinin. Dubinin has been the man behind many internet scams in the past and has resurfaced once again.

    So What Is Bitcoins Wealth Club?

    According to Dubinin Bitcoins Wealth Club was created to help educate people about the world of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies and helps its members automate their marketing and promotion of affiliate programs to enjoy multiple streams of income with total duplication.

    Dubinin’s Mission and Purpose

    Is to help people become Bitcoin Millionaires and achieve a lifestyle of financial FREEDOM!

    > To help people generate multiple streams of passive income by leveraging ONE turn-key Free System.

    > To provide all its members with best Education and up-to-date information about the world of Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies so you can take full advantage!

    > To share the top resources to help people buy bitcoins, grow and multiple bitcoins, trade bitcoins for other crypto-currencies and generate massive profits.

    > To collaborate with other members and help identify and avoid fake and scam opportunities thus saving you and the people you love from losing money.

    > To leverage the system and allow you to earn multiple streams of passive income from bitcoin opportunities, Etherium and other real cryptocurrencies in the future.

    So How Does Bitcoins Wealth Club Actually Work?

    You can join as a free member which is what I did and or you can join as a premium member for $97/month, which I strongly recommend Not Doing, but if you do you will get access to 7 modules of training.

    Now, there is a lot of training which includes things like:

    Basics Of Bitcoins

    What Is Bitcoin & Why Its Completely Revolutionizing Money

    What Are The Best Bitcoin Wallets To Use To Safely Store Your Bitcoins

    A Complete Guide To Easily Buying Bitcoins Online And Off

    How To Turn Bitcoins Into Cash

    How To Invest Bitcoins And Multiply Your Income And More

    Looks good, right? Not Really!

    Aside from some of the training in a couple of the modules, most of the information within the training can be found online for free without having to join Bitcoins Wealth Club. It appears this course is designed to teach people how to promote the Bitcoins Wealth Club program, which in all honesty is only helping to put money in Dubinin’s pocket rather than teaching people how to be successful in the cryptocurrency industry.

    Just Another Cheesy Sales Video

    As you move through the training you are going to need to invest some money. Now, you can certainly invest what you can afford but, it is strongly recommended that you invest large sums of money in order to earn large amounts of money, and as you move ahead it is recommended that you spend more money and join other Bitcoin programs such as USI-Tech, Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, Coinmama, Indacoin, and Spectrocoin, which by the way, are less than legit, to say the least.

    I won’t get into the details about all of the company’s listed above, but I will talk a bit about USI-Tech.

    USI-Tech claims it’s an automated trading software developer, they offer a Forex auto-trader that they claim was able to obtain 150% profit for clients in the past, and they offer no credible proof of this. USI-TECH also states that they are headquartered in Dubai, but, when you do some research on this it turns out the company cannot be traced to any such registered company in Dubai. Interestingly enough though USI-Tech is registered as an offshore business in the UAE, and because of this its impossible to know where they are actually registered from and doing business.

    In addition, USI-Tech founders Ralf Gold and Jao Severino have been responsible for other scams such as AdsProfitWiz, MX Fast Money, and HourlyRevShare along with a few others.

    So, this is supposed to be your funnel and source of passive income, but it seems obvious to me by joining all of these other Bitcoin programs your only helping to line Dubinin’s pockets because you are joining under his affiliate links.

    In my honest opinion, even if you invest a lot of money into this program there are no guarantees, even with all of the training offered to make any decent return on your investment. The only way you could make some money is by bringing in referrals.

    What Does It Cost To Join Bitcoins Wealth Club?

    You can join for free but there are paid options as well. If you join as a Premium or VIP member you will have access to more training and you also have the option of either paying monthly, bi-annually or yearly.

    Premium Membership

    huge pile of money


    $250/6 months


    VIP Membership


    $1250/6 months


    As you can see each membership upgrade costs considerably more than the last one, certainly a lot of money to invest in a program that is loaded with Red Flags.

    Final Thoughts

    Bitcoins Wealth Club continues to provide very disappointing results and if you do just a little bit of research you will find that the number of negative reviews about the program far outweigh anything positive.

    From what I have seen from my time as a member the software does not appear to be making any profitable trades, and there have been some reports of the software actually draining individual accounts.

    Dubinin is really good at presenting himself as a high energy salesman, in all of his videos he is loud, talks fast and is energetic, kind of reminds me of those annoying, fast-talking pitchmen you see on cheesy infomercials.

    So, how many people will actually make money with Bitcoins Wealth Club? In my opinion, not many. There will be a lot of people who join and unfortunately spend a lot of money but the only ones who will be able to make something are the ones who are able to bring new referrals into the program.

    Is Bitcoins Wealth Club a scam? It comes extremely close, and the only reason I say that is because there is a chance, albeit a slight one to make some money from referrals. I strongly recommend keeping your distance from this program.

     Final Verdict On Bitcoins Wealth Club

    thumbs down

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