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When you make the decision to start a new blog, that can be the most fun and interesting part of the entire process. You came up with a great idea, did your research, and like me, you are excited about the opportunity to start your very own blog, and you are quite certain that it will be a success.

So, you have your blog’s niche picked out and now it’s time to go about laying out the groundwork and start researching your niche. But, once you launch your blog things can get a bit complicated, so that’s why we need to look at the best ways to promote your blog.

#1. Why You Need To Do Everything:

Some people are able to come up with good ideas easily, and some people are good at executing those ideas. There are some that are good at creating a design, some know how to write good content, and some have a good business mind.

So, if your goal is to create a successful blog, then you need to understand how important it is to be able to do all of the things previously talked about, and be ready to do a lot of learning.

Promoting a new blog involves doing several different things, many people believe that having a successful blog is only about writing, and little else. This is simply not the case, and promoting your blog is one of many essential things you will have to learn to do in order to have a successful blog. Many of these new things you will be doing are going to be fun, and others will be a little irritating, but you have to do them in order to achieve success.

#2. Getting Started The Right Way:

The first thing you need do is come up with an idea that you want to turn into reality. One of the most common mistakes folks make when starting a blog is they tend to do things randomly and hope that things work out for the best and lead to some kind of success. Setting goals right from the start is probably your number one most important step. If you know what your goals are early on, then you will know which tools to use and where to concentrate your efforts.

Some people will set a goal to get for example 50k visitors to their blog each month, some only want to share ideas they have with the rest of the world, and some will want to concentrate on making money. Now, there is nothing wrong with any of these, they are all achievable goals for your blog. What’s so great about this is that with the right approach and lots of hard work, you can and probably will achieve these goals.

You have probably heard this before, but if you put in the required amount of work to make things happen, they probably will.

So, you might make a million dollars in a couple of years, or maybe you won’t, there will be many things that are uncertain that you won’t be able to predict. What is certain though is that if you work hard every day for a longer period of time, you will start to feel satisfied with your own personal success. In time you will learn more about blogging, and when your blog is established you will be able to use its strengths to have it do whatever you want it to.

#3. Develop Daily Action Plans:

Every time you decide to promote your blog it requires daily action. The most important thing to remember is that your daily action plan must contain essential tasks that will produce good results and allow your blog to grow. Make sure you write things down and commit to them every single day.image of plan

Doing things like checking AdSense revenues ( not a big fan of AdSense, just my opinion 🙂 ), or reviewing all of your analytics does not count, but they are important factors. The point of daily tasks is to stick to a plan and do things that will drive visitors to your blog and help you promote your business. An example of this would be writing new content every day and making several personal contacts. Repeat this each and every day, and it will be hard at times, and you will fail from time to time, but through these actions, you will be able to measure success on a daily basis.

If you stick to your daily tasks it will allow you to achieve little victories every day and motivate you to move forward. The entire process can be a bit overwhelming at times, but if you take regular actions it is possible to get your business to grow.


#4. Comments And Commenting:

If you are familiar with blogs and blogging then you will be familiar with commenting on blogs. Commenting on blogs is essential if you want to build a noticeable presence online. Getting involved in conversations and engaging users is crucial, and blogs and forums can give you the opportunity to do so. Also be careful not to directly promote or over promote by leaving keywords directly related to your blog or business, just use your actual name, be helpful and informative, and simply try to participate.

Get involved with the issues at hand, and give your thoughts and knowledge on subjects you know something about. If everything goes well and the person you are having the discussion with is interested in what you have to say, you can go ahead and contact them and ask them to check out your blog.

#5. Build An Email List – Do It Right From The Start:

The very first day you decide to start your blog, make sure to include an opt-in box and encourage all of your visitors to sign up to your email list. However, not everyone is going to want to, but keep trying and encourage as many people as you can to sign up. It has been suggested that you should only include an email list, or opt-in feature once you have attracted a substantial amount of traffic, but in reality, an email list of any kind and size can be very valuable.image of email

It won’t take long before you find out how many people see value in what you are doing. Communicating with your readers directly through email is a priceless asset. Don’t take too long before you start talking to people this way, it won’t take long before you start to realize the value of maintaining constant communication with your readers.

Some people believe email is kind of old school, but you will be able to see comments, criticisms, and valuable insights that will help you learn more about the reader’s interests, and generally speaking, people don’t really mind subscribing to emails, as long as they are getting something of value from it.

Be careful not to send too many emails too often, you may get marked as spam and folks will unsubscribe.

#6. Respond To All Readers And All Comments:

It’s quite amazing how many bloggers and business owners there are that won’t respond to messages or comments people send them. You just simply can’t expect to create a list of loyal, long-term visitors to your blog who will keep coming back. Every time you engage readers with a response to a comment, they will start to realize how passionate you are about what you are doing and that you actually care about the work you are doing. Also, if you are actually able to help them solve a problem or concern they will remember that and repay you with a subscription and will talk positively about you.

You might also want to try connecting your blog to social networks, learn how to build your social networks and use the influence you may have with them to promote your blog. Use all of the basic blogging techniques such as link building, guest blogging and so on.

Becoming a successful blogger means you will have to do it all, and you will be constantly learning as you move forward. The more you learn, the more you will understand what it takes to make your blog a success.


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