Auto Affiliate Program Review – 100% Passive Income?

Auto Affiliate Program

Auto Affiliate Program

40 out of 100



    • Easy To Follow & Understand
    • All Ebooks Are Supplied For You
    • Money Back Gurantee


    • Focuses On ClickBank Products
    • Pre-Made Websites
    • False Claims About Being 100% Passive
    • Program Is A Little Pricey


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    Auto Affiliate Program Overview

    Price: $47/month

    Owner: Steven Hall

    Money Back Guarantee: Yes



    Mark here, just stopping by to say welcome to my review of Auto Affiliate Program and just wanted to let you know I’ve been involved with online marketing for over ten years now, and I have seen a lot of good, even great products offered over the years, but I have also experienced some real crap as well.

    I promise not to bore you with endless bonus after bonus offers or annoying upsells, ultimately it will be up to you to make an informed decision on whether or not the product is right for you.

    I make every attempt to research and provide a fair assessment of all products I review.


    Auto Affiliate Program from Steven Hall is a program designed to teach people how to create totally passive income streams that he claims will last forever and do it all in just minutes.

    What Is Auto Affiliate Program And How Does It Work?

    When you sign up for the program, which will cost you $47/month, you will get a pre-made website created automatically and is updated for you weekly. The whole concept behind this program is to sell ebooks that come with a link placed within them that leads to a product that has been picked by Steven and his team which means you don’t have the option of choosing what products you want to sell.

    Steven’s ebooks cover a large variety of topics that have affiliate links within them that redirect people to ClickBank products. Now, if someone chooses to download an ebook from your pre-made website your affiliate link is automatically added and if that person takes the next step and clicks on that link and makes a purchase you get the commission.

    Sounds really easy, doesn’t it? Well, it actually is easy to get this up and running and implement Steven’s strategy but, making money by simply giving away free ebooks is a lot more difficult than Steven claims, and here’s why.

    Not everyone is going to buy an ebook and actually read it and since the products you will be trying to sell are ClickBank products that makes it a little harder to do. ClickBank offers a lot of good quality products, but at the same time, there is also a lot of poor quality products that you have to be careful of. Having said that, I have been selling Clickbank products for some time now and I can honestly say there are plenty of products that are good quality and worth the effort if someone wants to do this sort of thing, but, in order to find those quality products you need to do a lot of research in order to weed out the bad and find the good.

    Here’s where the problem lies with Auto Affiliate Program, you are not allowed to pick the items you want to sell which means you really are at the mercy of Steven and his team, and there is absolutely no guarantee that the products chosen for you are going to be good quality products. The one thing I’ve  learned over the years is if you try to sell products that are poor quality, offer very little useful information, and can’t help someone solve an issue or a problem then it’s your reputation that takes a hit every time, always remember this, building trust with your customers or potential customers is one of the most important aspects to becoming a successful affiliate marketer, or any marketer for that matter.

    Another problem with pre-made websites is that they just don’t rank well in the search engines. Google really doesn’t take too kindly to sites that have a ton of duplicate content which means poor rankings and not many visitors to your site. If your a beginner and want to join this program chances are you won’t know much about driving traffic to your site, and yes, over time, you will learn all about that but you will wind up spending a lot of time and effort trying to figure that out before being able to see any real ebook of the day sample catgories

    So, this program probably isn’t best suited for a total newbie, but better suited for someone who already has a little online marketing experience.

    The other issue I have with this program is the hype, “100% Automated”, “How To Transform Income Streams Into Raging Rivers Of Abundance”, “The Secret To Creating Totally Passive Income Streams That Last Forever ( In Minutes ),” I think you get what I mean here. There simply isn’t any program anywhere that can do what this one claims it can.

    So, What Else Does Steven Promise To Do For You?

    > Provide You With Books That Target Various Popular Niche Markets

    > Supplies Automatic Ebook Branding

    > Will Show You How To Get Free Traffic Through Social Media

    > Will Collect And Manage Emails For You

    > Automatically Upload Your Books To Your Website

    So, Who Is Auto Affiliate Program For?

    Ideally, this program is for people who have a fair bit of marketing experience and know how to drive boatloads of traffic to a site, already have established websites, and people who can afford paid advertising. Who this program is not ideal for is anyone who is new to internet marketing and lacks the skills and knowledge needed to actually make this program profitable, sure, any newbie could certainly give this a try, I just don’t recommend it, there are other programs and opportunities better suited for beginners.

    What Does Auto Affiliate Program Cost?

    Auto Affiliate Program will cost you $47/month.

    Final Thoughts

    Auto Affiliate Program does offer an opportunity to make some money but only if you have some experience with online marketing. However, if you are someone who is new to online marketing and don’t possess the necessary skills and knowledge required, then you really won’t have much of a chance to make this work.

    Is Auto Affiliate Program a scam? No, in my opinion, this is not a scam but the program is loaded with an incredible amount of overhyped exaggerated claims that have Red Flags waving everywhere for me.

    Anytime a product or program offers to do everything for you on autopilot that is a sure sign that something isn’t right and you should avoid it at all cost.

    So, do I recommend checking out Auto Affiliate Program? Absolutely Not! 

    However, if you are someone who is interested in learning how to start your own successful online business with a program that is 100% Legit then I suggest you check out my #1 Most Recommended Affiliate Marketing Program And Get Started For Free!



    Final Verdict On Auto Affiliate Program

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