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Hi there, my name is Mark and I just wanted to share my 10 year journey online trying to make money.

Ok here we go, I got involved in online marketing as I previously stated about 10 years ago simply out of necessity. The job I was working at came to an abrupt end and living in a small town with very limited employment opportunities I found myself quickly running out of options and money so, I turned to the internet thinking that with relative ease and speed I would be financially secure in no time. Well, after several attempts and a pile of determination I started to make a few dollars here and there, I was hooked!

It didn’t take long do discover though I wasn’t making the kind of money as quickly and as easily as I had hoped. So I decided to change my focus from just jumping into something with no prior knowledge and training and yes, I started with zero knowledge thinking hey this is a piece of cake how hard can this be, and really how much do I need to know anyway…WRONG!

So fast forward a few more years, not that long ago I experienced a serious workplace accident that pretty much ended my ability to earn a decent income so, I decided to get back online and try to make some money from home again but it would be different this time. Why different you might ask, well here’s why…..I sat myself down and went through a few things and asked myself why I think I can do this now compared to how it wasn’t working for me before.

Question #1 to self……Do I have the knowledge and expertise to make it work this time-answer NO!

Question #2 to self…..Do I have the patience and determination to  be successful online-answer Yes, at least I have that on my side 🙂

Question #3 to self….. Am I willing to spend piles of money in hopes of earning a few dollars here and there-answer No! Because there is a sure fire way to make it work and not cost you your first born.

See where I am going with this, A little knowledge, determination and patience is more powerful than any amount of money spent on fly by night get rich quick schemes.


I simply sat myself down and decided that the way to make this work was to change my focus, approach things differently than I had been doing in the past and Learn To Do Things “The Right Way”


So, I went searching for something that would help me learn how to build my own home based business, but do it the right way. I quickly discovered that it wasn’t going to be as easy I thought, I literally spent days and days scouring the internet with no success. After what seemed like forever I came across a review for a program I had actually heard about several years prior, and after spending some time checking it out decided this was going to be it. I finally joined a program called Wealthy Affiliate. It didn’t take me long to realize this was going to be the place I would call my new home on the internet, and with a little hard work it should be home for a long long time to come.

Again my name is Mark, awesome to meet you and if you like feel free to contact me if you need help with something or drop me a comment below or get in touch with me through WealthyAffiliate.com  Here is the link to my profile page.







































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